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Chasdei Lev’s goal is to show our Rebbeim and Moros the appreciation they deserve for their tireless devotion to Klal Yisroel. Easing the financial funding process is one way we can help show our gratitude. We are providing an easy and convenient way for you to show and get that gratitude directly to all your Rebbeim/Moros in a singular and respectful manner.

Chasdei Lev maintains a database of Rebbeim and Moros, who through their Yeshivos/Schools are already signed up, as part of our other programs. When your funds are submitted through our site, your Rebbi or Morah will receive an automatically generated check together with your personal note.

You can request to add a Yeshiva/School and Rebbi/Teacher on our website and our team will look into adding it.

We do charge a nominal postage/handling fee. All other costs are covered by our generous donors.

Yes, if you create an account on the portal, you can see a history of all your giving.

Unfortunately, not.